Frequently asked questions

What will I expect on my first visit?

On your first visit, your therapist will:

  • perform an initial assessment and treatment.
  • take a detailed history of your present condition and medical status, followed by a thorough clinical examination.
  • diagnose your presenting condition.
  • discuss and agree your treatment plan.

How long will the first appointment last?
Initial assessment and Treatment will be 45 mins to 1 Hour

Is a doctor's referral required?
No, you can arrange an appointment directly. Some health insurance companies will require a GP's referral for Physiotherapy to be authorised.

What should i wear?
For your comfort during treatment we recommend:
  • for upper body conditions, a loose fitted top.
  • for lower body and leg conditions shorts may be better.
  • loose and comfortable fitting clothing that allows free movement is best.
  • You may be asked to remove clothing appropriate to the part of the body requiring treatment. You will not be asked to expose any more of the body than necessary.

How often will I require treatment?
This will depend on your presenting condition and diagnosis. A typical number of Physiotherapy treatment for clients is 4 - 6.

How long are follow-up appointments?
Depending on the specific treatment, follow-up appointments may be between 30 - 60 mins.

Is there parking?
Free parking is available at our premises.

How do I pay?
You can pay by cash, cheque or card in our premises, or on-line via Paypal. You can pay-as-you-go, or alternatively have an invoice sent at the end of your treatment.